Why cheapest isn’t always best – A guide to web design pricing

When it comes to web design pricing Keep these points in mind:


If your website and digital presence look cheap people are less likely to trust your business before even calling or entering your company. A high-quality website and digital presence helps your business put its best foot forward and lets the customer know they are dealing with a trustworthy and reliable business.


The cheap bottom line may sound good but what if your website isn’t easy to navigate or some functions don’t work? Customers are only heading for one place and that is the X button. Smart investment can help to build up a top-level customer experience on your website with the guidance of our expert web designers and developers.


Studies have shown that within the first few seconds of entering your website customers are rating your business on the layout and design. If you are trying to impress potential clients or just want to show you are a professional business investment needs to be made to avoid looking like amateurs.

**The little jimmy promise**

This is one that we come across time and time again and it always turns out the same way. When we go to visit companies and provide a quotation we can get the “I have a cousin or friend of a friend that can do that for X amount cheaper”. Our answer is we offer top quality service but by all means if it is budget orientated we completely understand. We do stress although the upfront cost might be cheaper with little jimmy you may have to come back for a more professional website later paying more again. Do you know what happens 9 times out of 10? Those customers end up coming back having lost money on the cheaper lesser option.

Think long term with a future proof website!!

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