Why you should make the most of your free Google my business profile

A lot of companies are now heavily investing in their digital presence and spending time and effort on web design. This time and investment spent can all be wasted without carrying out this simple free task. Join Google places and complete your Google my business profile.  

Post company information

This part is simple and obvious, but a surprising amount of businesses do not list themselves. What is the first thing people do today when they are going to a business they don’t know? Google it! We have included a few examples below.

  • I am going to a restaurant later and I’m not sure what the menu is like. I will Google it!!
  • I wonder what time that shop closes I am running late? I will Google it!!
  • I wonder does that business offer that service. I will Google it!!
  • How do you find this company I can’t find the address? I will Google it!!
  • I wonder do they have a website. I will Google it!!

As you can imagine this list could go on and on…

Gain Google reviews

Lately this has been a big one with Google and they are linking this with your SEO and ranking ability. Potential customers want feedback on what your company, products and services are like. Should they travel to a restaurant with poor service or buy a product that is poor quality. Google reviews allow your customers to provide feedback and help boost your businesses reputation and help provide peace of mind.

On the flip side constructive criticism can be taken and used to improve your business, product or service.

Free analytic data and customer behaviour

Get an insight into your customers behaviour, how they found your business online, did they contact directly or find you on a paid or organic search. This allows you to invest money in online advertising and maximise the efficiency of your future investments.

Better search presence and better ranking

If someone locally wants a mechanic and searches on Google the top of the page before the search results you will see a list of local businesses listed in a directory format. These listings are the Google places listings created from businesses that have used Google my business to create a profile and presence. As well as this Google like the additional information on your business and services and boost your website organically.

Help customers find you’r business

As well as providing your address, opening hours amongst other things Google my business will also allow your business to be added to Google maps and people can search directly through the app or online. This point again will help people be directed straight to your front door. Is your business hard to get to? Worry not if you add this free listing, your clients will not have any issues.


Is it worth the time? Yes!! This free service can have such a massive impact on your business and boost your sales and leads just by helping people find you on Google. We ensure all of this advice is past to our customers.

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