The importance of good imagery on a website


This point is probably the most understated when it comes to the planning, design, and development of any website. The layout and design lay the foundations but the high-resolution images tell the story of the company and its products and services. With product photography and 360 imagery and coding on the up this is evidence of the importance of this to websites and the customer experience. Customers now not only want to see the product or service but the texture, the vibrancy of the colour and how it might feel.

Stock images

With Stock images they can offer both a great professional look and if not used correctly a manufactured generic look. Knowing when to use stock images is the key and unfortunately this is having a keen eyed designer and knowing your industry.

Keep it relevant

This is a common sense point from a design point of view but surprisingly some companies still use irrelevant stock images that do not represent their company or product at all.

Every angle covered

The perfect example for this point is selling a trainer or shoe. When buying shoes online do customers want to see just the side? NO! Customers want to see an aerial view of the laces, a snap underneath for the colour of the sole and a rear view to see what the trainers will look like as they walk away.  

Bespoke imagery

This leads on from the previous point by putting your product on to various options it can increase the sales conversion rate. For example, people would rather see a shirt on a person to see the fit and sizing rather than seeing a bland shirt on a white background.

People purchase based on perception

Statistics have shown that conversion rate for sales and leads have dramatically increased with a better website finish which is largely down to good imagery and design. How many websites have we all been on that look like they haven’t been updated in over a century and have trust issues giving a company money that doesn’t care enough to update their web presence.  

The use of professional photography

An interesting point with today’s smartphones with cameras as powerful and clear as the best modern Nikons. In todays society everyone is a photographer and to be quite honest there are a lot of people that know how to capture a good snap. With this in mind do companies really need professional photographers? The answer is it is a luxury and if you can afford it by all means, if not a good light box and hi-spec smart phone will cover requirements. 


In short keep it relevant and ensure all angles are covered and this will be a great step to the success of your website and help to boost sales and potential leads. Chat with our web design and imagery experts today and let us show you we can help set your business ahead of your competitors.

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